Food and drinks

We proudly welcome you to the mountain lodge’s own restaurant. Our restaurant and cafè has a panoramic view over the Refsvatnet lake. Our dishes are homemade using fresh local products and our kitchen is open from 12:00 – 21:00. We offer both light meals and hot dishes.


May to September 2019

Pasta with chicken, tomato pesto, crisp salad and parmesan          179,-/139,- without chicken
*Wheat, rye, sesame seeds, oats, mustard. May contain nuts and milk

Soup of the day with bread and butter           98,-
*milk, soya

Our home made tomato soup with egg and croutons          139,-
*wheat, egg, milk, celery

Meat- and vegetable stew with flat bread and butter (bread at the buffet)          149,-

Chicken in green curry with jasmine rice          225,-

Meatballs in gravy with pea stew, boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam         220,-
*wheat, egg, milk

Baked salmon with mustard marinated potatoes and cauliflower salad          249,­-
*fish, egg, mustard

Pork shoulder with summer cabbage, carrots, pepper sauce and baked potatoes          259,-
*milk, mustard

Tomato braised lamb shank with root vegetables,
tomato lamb broth and small boiled potatoes          295,-
*milk, mustard, celery

Oumph (100% vegetarian, made of soy) with baked potatoes, cauliflower salad and smoked chili dressing        239,-
*egg, mustard, soy


Garlic dressing *egg, mustard            35,-

Small baked potatoes          35,-

Small boiled potatoes          35,-

Rice          35,-

Olives          38,-

Cured ham from Suldal -Local specialty-             45,-

Varied snacks                 135,-

Cheese from “Bo Jensen and Stavanger Ysteri” -Local specialty-           139,-

Vegan chocolate cake with coconut and fresh berries (lactose and gluten free)         75,-

Rhubarb porridge with white chocolate crumble and locally made vanilla ice cream from the ice cream farm Jæren          80,-
*milk, egg

Locally made vanilla ice cream from the ice cream farm Jæren with strawberry compote            85,-
*milk, egg