Preikestolen fjellstue - Padling med instruktør


Our skilled instructors will take you on the water where you get to experience the peacefulness and nearness to water and nature. Paddle canoe, kayak or stand up board in quiet and safe surroundings without any boat traffic.

Our canoes, kayaks and boards are stable and suitable for beginners. We offer paddling with instructor, paddling with outdoor cooking in the Water Camp or different paddle courses.

This activity must be booked in advance!

Praktisk informasjon
Season May-October
Duration 2-3 hours
Suitable for Canoe: 4 years and older
Kayak: 10 years and older
Stand up paddling: 8 years and older
Weather The activity can be cancelled due to the weather/wind
The price includes Instructor and necessary equipment: paddles, life jacket and vessels. Wetsuits can be hired


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